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This is the Able4Life Bradford Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where you will find information on a range of different topics. When using the ADL Platform you can view useful tips and information at every stage, but this FAQ has additional information such as more thorough explanations, contact details, etc. Click on the questions below to reveal their answers.

Using Able4Life Bradford

General info and tips for getting started with Able4Life Bradford.

What is Able4Life Bradford?
I'd like helpful tips along the way as I use Able4Life Bradford and the ADL Platform
On the LifeCurve, I can't remember how long ago it was when I could last do a task unaided
What does the flag icon next to the product names, tips and assessments mean?
Your Account

Create an account with Able4Life Bradford to save your results for future reference and to track your progress towards your goal. Find additional information here.

Do I need create an account to use Able4Life Bradford?
How do I create an account?
I'd like helpful tips along the way as I use Able4Life Bradford and the ADL Platform
Can I use a account to create an account with Able4Life Bradford?
What sort of personal information do you keep & what happens to any information I submit?
I've forgotten my username or password
On the sign in page, what does the "Remember me?" tick box do?
I'd like to edit my account details, such as my name and email address
I'd like to delete my account
How do I add additional users to my pro account?
Can I receive phone support?
I am a member of the public and I would like more information on Able4Life Bradford
I am a health care representative, occupational therapist or GP and would like more information on Able4Life Bradford or the ADL Platform
I represent a local authority and I would like more information on Able4Life Bradford
The website doesn't load on my computer, smart phone or tablet device
My mobile phone or tablet device won't let me open/download PDF files from Able4Life Bradford
I couldn't find the advice I was looking for/my area of need is missing from Able4Life Bradford
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